Pre-School Enrichment

This programme is a holistic Chinese language learning system designed to assist pre-schoolers during the initial stages of their Chinese language development, facilitating them in laying a strong foundation for formal studies.

Our caring and experienced preschool-trained teachers are the champions for your children’s first journey into learning Chinese, developing their passion and love for the language.

In each fun-filled session, teachers thoroughly explain a Chinese character through the use of animation, songs, poems, idioms and writing practice. Hands-on experience allows children to re-create words they have learnt in a variety of ways. Our innovative Chinese Character Animation system helps pre-schoolers visualise how Chinese characters are written. The broad use of multimedia teaching tools emphasizes real-life language use and interaction skills, both orally and written. Your children will enjoy our exciting and engaging lessons!

Suitable for pre-schoolers from 3-6 years old, children preparing for Primary 1 entry, and foreign students interested in Chinese as a third language.

Chinese Coaching

This programme aligns itself closely with the MOE syllabus and IB curriculum. Our proprietary programme comprises of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing – the building blocks of excellent Mandarin. Catering to different academic levels and learning abilities, we provide a perfect learning methodology to inculcate in our students a strong interest in the language. With this, we will set the right path for our students’ literary journey.

Through accumulation of key language skills, students grasp hanyu pinyin, vocabulary and grammar with ease, thus eliminating the need to memorise mindlessly. We use situational scenarios, current affairs and stories to help students amass a great word bank. This, together with guidance in sentence structure, allows students to fill their compositions with beautiful prose. They are able to bring the language to life!

Our systematic tutorial programme has helped numerous students break traditional boundaries in Chinese language learning.

Suitable for Primary, Secondary school and IB students.

English Coaching

This programme comprises of all the examinable components within the Ministry of Education PSLE Syllabus and IB curriculum with a special emphasis on Creative Writing. Students receive a strong foundation for the development of language skills and are exposed to a scintillating variety of texts, world news and general knowledge. They are taught the survival skills of English so that they blossom into independent apprentices of the language and experts in critical thinking.

Suitable for Primary, Secondary school and IB students.

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