True Language, true to our name, is a leading language institute with a singular focus in providing quality coaching and enrichment for Chinese and English languages. Our exclusive series of Chinese and English tutorial programmes are perfectly aligned with the Ministry of Education’s (MOE) guidelines for primary, secondary and the IB curriculum, as well as pre-school enrichment courses for students seeking a head-start in bilingual proficiency.

A little history about us! This year we are celebrating our fifth year in the education industry. We have since expanded our repertoire by incorporating Chinese and English tuition classes for Primary and Secondary school students. Being the first centre in Singapore to truly focus on the two main languages, we continue to innovate our methodology so that our students will continue to better attain the language skills needed for their future endeavours.

Besides an emphasis on academic excellence, our core teaching principles are geared towards nurturing a lifelong passion for knowledge and a mastery of bilingualism. At True Language, students learn these languages through fun interaction with their classmates and a deep understanding of the curriculum. We encourage our students to be confident communicators, to be creative, resourceful and inquisitive. True Language learners collaborate, share ideas and opinions and work together towards excellent language fitness. True Language learners work hard and are proud of their achievements.

We Nurture Bilingual Learners

Our Mission

True Language aims to ignite the passion for languages in our students, thus making them empowered and self-motivated linguists

Our Philosophy

At True Language, our educational philosophy is to inspire our students to light an inner fire for learning. This enables our students to form a sustained interest in gaining skills and knowledge, and creates self-directed, motivated learners. To light this inner fire, our three core beliefs provide direction and guidance to our educators and towards our curriculum.


We believe in inspiring self-directed change through motivation in order to improve and sustain results.


We believe that every child is capable of scaling his own heights regardless of abilities.


We believe in the power of languages to transform our students’ abilities to cross language barriers and to access new worlds of knowledge.

  • We focus on the Chinese and English languages to ensure that the quality and delivery of our programmes are not diluted by other academic subjects.
  • We strive to build a strong foundation for lifelong learning and self-actualisation in our students. We do not impose external limits on our students’ achievements but instead complement the school curriculum while assisting each student to the best of his abilities.
  • We enable real change from within the individual. Your child will experience a sustained increase in self-motivation and hence produce results. Our programmes promote self-directed learning for life.
  • We deliver quality curriculum through a team of best-in-class educators who are dedicated to championing your child’s mastery of languages.
  • We set an optimum class size for all our programmes to allow for individualised attention, interactive learning, confidence-building and the right dose of peer-to-peer competition.
  • We ensure that there is never a dull moment in the True Language environment. Every lesson is an opportunity to ‘learn through playing’ with languages.
  • Our centre is managed by a group of directors who are multiple degree holders from Singapore, USA, the UK and China, specialising in the fields of English, Literature, Mandarin and Finance.

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