The Importance of LanguageCan You Afford Not To Master Chinese and English?

According to figures from UNESCO, the top two most widely-spoken languages in this world are Chinese and English. A mastery of these global languages empowers you to navigate the world by crossing language and communication boundaries, and will open many possibilities on how you can access new knowledge in this world.

Language is the most important skill we should acquire because every other skill is dependent on our mastery of a language. Studies have repeatedly shown that there is a strong correlation between a person’s success in his chosen field and his language skills. In fact, this correlation begins in school, wherein a student’s language capability is linked to his ability to acquire new knowledge in other subjects. In schools, all other core subjects require English as the foundation block.The majority of students also rely heavily on their 2nd language (Chinese) to get into top schools.

UNESCO states that “Languages, with their complex implications for identity, communication, social integration, education and development, are of strategic importance for people and the planet.” Having a good command of language allows us to express ourselves better and interact effectively with society. With a more balanced world order between China and United States, Chinese and English will undoubtedly be the languages with which we base our ability to make sense of the world today and into the future.

Here’s where we come in! True Language will give you the key to new knowledge and to the world.

Our Programmes

Pre-School Enrichment

Language development is one of the strongest predictors of academic success. Our pre-school programme is designed to assist children during initial stages of their language development, helping them to lay a strong foundation for formal studies.


Our series of coaching and tuition programmes are designed by in-house language experts to complement the mainstream curriculum of Singapore schools and stretch the students’ language abilities to their fullest potential.

Creative Writing

Our advanced writing techniques will help students build language skills, develop their ability to express themselves confidently and acquire a lifelong appreciation for writing in English and Chinese.

Our Testimonials

With True Language, Lim Zhe found his love for Mandarin in a positive, fun and stress-free environment. His teacher is patient and very encouraging. His reading, oral and hanyupinyin improved significantly after a few months of coaching. Lim Zhe was unhappy with the constant drilling in a well-known Chinese tuition chain, so I switched him to True Language. I recommend True Language to anyone facing the same challenges.

Mrs Lim
Lim Zhe - P1 2017, Chinese /
(Hong Wen School)
Rachelle liked the trial session so I signed her up for Chinese lessons. I am delighted to see a huge improvement in her Chinese results and she can now speak Chinese fluently. Besides the well-structured curriculum and smaller class size, teachers' commitment and attention to students are also reasons why True Language can produce results. I hear good reviews about their English programme and have recently enrolled Rachelle for that too.

Ms Jade Sim
Rachelle Ang - P3 2017, Chinese and English /
(Marymount Convent)
Clarisse and Coen started to develop an interest in the Chinese language, Chinese cartoons and storybooks after attending classes in True Language. They were initially reluctant to use the language but can speak Mandarin confidently now. I am satisfied with the curriculum as it is interesting and follows the MOE syllabus. Come to True Language if you are looking to build a strong foundation in the Chinese language.

Mrs Mah
Clarisse and Coen Mah - P3 & K2 2017, Chinese /
(Hong Wen School)
The small class size is fantastic! This allows the teacher to assess each student’s conduct and performance better. The excellent teaching materials are what my son truly enjoys. His teacher is able to communicate well with the students and makes the lessons interesting, especially the English tuition class. I am happy that the teachers also provide feedback at the end of every lesson so that I can follow up with his learning at home.

Ms Yvonne Lee
Goh Jun Yong - P6 2016, English and Chinese /
(Hong Wen School)
True Language works from an angle of individual development and motivation. They inspire Kerelle to do better, not just in her languages, but in all areas. The English and Chinese curriculum which are both based on the MOE syllabus help Kerelle to improve and sustain her results. The environment is family-like and I get support from other like-minded parents as we journey with our children through their primary school education. It helps that True Language is conveniently located in City Square Mall where we can go for our kopi sessions while waiting for our kids.

Mrs Lee
Kerelle Lee - P2 2016, Chinese and English /
(St Margaret's Primary School)
我的孩子在 True Language 补习已经有两个学期了。孩子很喜欢这个课程,因为课程内容丰富有趣,涉及的知识比较广泛,而且老师也非常认真负责。我感觉到孩子的英文词汇量,理解力和写作都有一定的提高。

Ms Cao Hong
Cen Han - P3 2015, English /
(Stamford Primary School)
The teachers have a brilliant rapport with my son and me. They keep me regularly updated on his progress and most importantly, we have seen great improvement in Aloysius’s languages – both English and Chinese. The tuition centre is filled with friendly teachers and administrative staff, which makes my son very happy to come and learn. Thank you!

Ms Valerie Bay
Aloysius Lee - P6 2015, English and Chinese /
(Maha Bodhi School)
Jaric is truly excited about going for his classes in True Language every Saturday. The teachers and staff provide a nurturing environment like a family, but are also capable of instilling confidence and motivation in Jaric. Parents' feedback is taken seriously and acted upon promptly. As a result, Jaric's results have been improving though not always on a straight line up. I know that as long as he is happy with his English and Chinese classes in True Language, stays motivated and keeps trying, his grades will get better and better.

Mrs Janet Lee
Jaric Lee - P3 2017, Chinese and English /
(St Andrew's Junior School)
The Chinese tutorial programme has helped my son to show great improvement in his daily school work. The teachers’ caring and encouraging approach makes them able to communicate well with the children and parents alike. They truly put in their utmost in coaching my son and are very gentle and caring.

Mrs Peh
Edwin Peh - P1 2015, English and Chinese /
(Holy Innocents' Primary School)

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